Κarpea: from the greek word “karpos”, meaning fruit, grain, produce.
In ancient Greece “karpos” symbolized autumn, ripening, harvesting.

Karpea S.A. is a company founded 35 years ago, with more than 60 years of experience in the field of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Kalamata Olives. Its activity is mainly oriented to exports. During all this time, we remain loyal and focused to the same values: authenticity, credibility, customer satisfaction.

Modern facilities, advanced technology, certified Quality Assurance systems and dedication to greek tradition compose a company that aims to the complete and continuous satisfaction of our partners and customers. Our goals are always the same: the best products to the consumers, total and continuous satisfaction of partners around the world.

The constant analysis of consumer needs led Karpea to the development of new taste combinations and different flavor fusions, in a series of innovative products inspired from Greek mother nature. With a wide range of products, from our standard traditional line to our premium and gourmet options, we have managed to serve every need in the category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Kalamata Olives.

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