Karpea is a Greek family business with decades of tradition in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olives. During all these years, we remain loyal and committed to the same values: authenticity, credibility, customer satisfaction.

We select olives exclusively from specific regions of Greece, those that produce the best olive oil. The production of olive oil is carried out with deep knowledge in our modern facilities and under constant compliance with certified quality procedures.

Karpea's activity is mainly oriented to exports and therefore we feel deeply responsible for the confidence of so many people with so many different cultures and nutrition habits. Being convinced of the value of innovation that serves the modern consumer, the company has its own laboratory for new products development and works together with consumer groups from different countries to evaluate the acceptance of them.

With a wide range of products, from our standard traditional lines, the organic line, P.D.O & P.G.I. products and single-varieties, to our premium and gourmet options, we try to continuously cover every need in the category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Kalamata table olives.

We are proud for our exclusive patented bottle.

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