Karpea Greek Organic Kalamata Olives (Kalamon)

Selected one by one from the land of Lakonia, the authentic Organic Karpea Kalamon Olives are of the highest quality, packaged in the most appropriate way.

Available in 4 types: whole, pitted, halves and sliced. Packaged in our smart and innovative SuperLock packaging, which is a safe, functional and user-friendly plastic cup.


Superlock pack: 200gr or 180gr

Packaging Drained weight kg Gross Weight kg/carton Drained Weight kg/carton Units/Carton Cartons per pallet Pallet total weight
Whole Olives in superlock pack 0,2 3,305 1,6 8 168 579,24
Pitted, Halves & Sliced Olives in superlock pack 0,18 3,305 1,44 8 168 579,24