Karpea is a Greek family business with decades of tradition in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olives. During all these years, we remain loyal and committed to the same values: authenticity, credibility, customer satisfaction.

We select olives exclusively from specific regions of Greece, those that produce the best olive oil. The production of olive oil is carried out with deep knowledge in our modern facilities and under constant compliance with certified quality procedures.


The Culture of Olive Oil

In Greek Mythology, the Olive tree was a Divine Gift and in particular from goddess Athena to the Athenians. The truth is that it still remains a Divine Gift.

It is globally accepted that the presence of the Olive tree and its products are an integral part of the Greek tradition for thousands of years. That is why we are confident and proud of what we know to do well during the last 2500 years: To grow olives and produce olive oil.

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