Karpea “Earth Elements” & “Earth & Sea” selected for Sial Innovation Paris 2018!

SIAL Innovation Selection Paris 2018: Karpea proudly announces that 5 of our products are distinguished by SIAL Innovation for their innovative attributes!

Following the Consumer Goods Committee, our products Karpea Earth Elements smoked & all 4 types of Earth & Sea with sea salt have been selected by the Jury, made up of independent experts. This means that our products will be part of the SIAL Innovation Selection 2018!


Κarpea awarded by consumers in the Czech Republic, 2016

Κarpea Extra Virgin Olive Oil was given the 1st place by the consumers of Czech Republic, in a national competition that took place in the end of March 2016. The following lines of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil were first in preference, of the 4000 Czech consumers who participated in the competition, in “New Olive Oils 2016” category:

Karpea Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
Karpea 0,3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
Karpea Kalamata PDO Extra Virgin Olive oil 500ml
Karpea Sitia Lasithiou Kritis PDO Extra Virgin Olive oil 500ml
Karpea Chania Kritis P.G.I. Extra Virgin Olive oil 500ml
Karpea Lakonia PGI Extra Virgin Olive oil 500ml

“Volba spotrebitelu 2016” competition (meaning “Consumers’ choice”) was run by AtoZ organization and the focus group of the 4000 Czech consumers was independent of gender, age & place of residence.
Karpea is proud of this distinction that brings Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil first among all other competitive products.


One more award for KARPEA Organic Oliveoil, 2015

ΚΑRPEA company was awarded from the International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI) located in Brussels, for the ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL with three stars (3 ***), that is the biggest recognition for "Exceptional products with 90% and more of total marks".

ITQI is an international organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior food and drink which cooperates 16 international and national federations Chefs and Sommeliers as well as trans-European federations such as Euro-Toques, World Master Chefs Society, Nordic Chefs Association and Associationale la Sommellerie Internationale.

This is one more recognition to be added to KARPEA awards, as a result of our efforts to make superior products.


Recognition Award for KARPEA 0.3, 2013

ITQI, the independed foundation of Chefs ,awarded KARPEA 0,3 extra virgin olive oil of low acidity , with the “3 stars award” in Brussels where KARPEA took part in a game competition. ITQI once again recognizes the high quality of KARPEA products. KARPEA 0,3 is coming directly from selected harvests of olive trees from Spartan land-famous for the low acidity olive oils of high quality.



ITQi, the International Taste & quality Institute (www.itqi.com) awarded the Greek extra virgin olive oil ATHINOLIA with 2 stars of excellent taste. The award ceremony took place in Brussels where KARPEA was competing with other companies for high quality and supreme taste. ATHINOLIA extra virgin olive oil is a Greek product and an innovation of KARPEA. It comes directly from selected harvests of Peloponnesian olive trees with the special care of KARPEA people.

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