Karpea the gold Unfiltered

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Karpea is the closest to the natural olive juice after the olive mill.

Since it has not been filtered, it retains tiny particles of the flesh of the olive fruit and therefore has a characteristic flavor and aroma. Also, it is a source of vitamin E, which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, in the context of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

With the gold Unfiltered, Karpea offers for your daily diet an option of Extra Virgin Olive Oil almost directly from Mother Nature. This way, we serve the needs and preferences of all those who wish to have classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its most unprocessed form.

It is ideal for all uses.


Karpea Bottle: 1lt/750ml/500ml glass bottle

Packaging Vol Total weight kg/carton Units per carton Cartons per pallet Pallet Height (m) Pallet total weight (kg)
Karpea Bottle 1lt 12,430 8 70 1,60 893,10
Karpea Bottle 750ml 9,612 8 100 1,20 984,20
Karpea Bottle 500ml 6,672 8 150 1,50 1023,80