Karpea Gourmet Greek Salad

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Traditional Greek Salad flavor. Onion, oregano, and green pepper are combined marvelously with Karpea Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give the taste of the world-famous Greek Salad.

Just a few drops of Karpea’s GOURMET flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil, are enough to give a new gastronomic dimension to your imaginative dishes.

Ideal for any type of salad with tomato or Feta cheese, or Kalamata olives or simply on toasted bread.

Inspiration in your creations

  • Tomato salad
  • Tomato & cucumber salad
  • Rusk
  • Bread / toasted bread
  • Fried cheese

Dorica: 250ml glass bottle

Metal tin: 250ml

Packaging Vol Total weight kg/carton Units per carton Cartons per pallet Pallet Height (m) Pallet total weight (kg)
Dorica Bottle 250ml 3,994 8 190 1,40 781,86
Metal Tin 250ml 2,412 8 312 1,20 775,544