Global presence


Karpea’s activity is mainly oriented to exports and therefore we feel deeply responsible for the confidence of so many people with so many different cultures and nutrition habits. Karpea continuously thrives to enter in new markets and today its export activity represents almost 90% of its sales revenues. Being convinced of the value of innovation that serves the modern consumer, the company has its own laboratory for new products development and works together with consumer groups from different countries to evaluate the acceptance of them. Today the company has a presence in Greece and abroad with the Karpea brand, while also having some strategic collaborations, offering products with private label.
America EVOO, Olives 1 of 21 Finland ΕVOO 2 of 21 UK 0.3, Unfiltered 3 of 21 Egypt Classic, 0.3, Organic, Unfiltered, BBQ, Infused 4 of 21 Korea Organic, Ladolia 5 of 21 Czech republic Classic, 0.3, Unfiltered, BBQ, Gourmet 6 of 21 Romania Classic, Infused, Gourmet 7 of 21 Slovenia Classic, Organic, Unfiltered, 0.3, P.D.O., P.G.I., Athinolia, BBQ, Dressings, Gourmet, Infused 8 of 21 Germany Classic, Unfiltered, P.D.O. 9 of 21 Lithuania Classic, 0.3, Unfiltered, Organic 10 of 21 Slovakia Classic, 0.3, Unfiltered, BBQ, Gourmet 11 of 21 Nigeria Classic, 0.3, Unfiltered, Organic, P.D.O., P.G.I., BBQ, Gourmet, Dressings, Olives 12 of 21 Austria Classic, 0.3, Unfiltered, Athinolia, Ladolia, BBQ, Gourmet, Olives 13 of 21 South Africa Classic, 0.3, Unfiltered, Organic, Gourmet, Olives 14 of 21 Netherlands Classic, 0.3, Unfiltered, Gourmet 15 of 21 Latvia Unfiltered, BBQ, P.D.O., P.G.I., Infused, Olives 16 of 21 Kazakhstan Unfiltered 17 of 21 Sweden Athinolia, Ladolia 18 of 21 Vietnam Organic 19 of 21 Russia Classic, 0.3, Unfiltered, P.D.O., P.G.I., Athinolia, Ladolia, Infused, Olives 20 of 21 Greece Classic, 0.3, Unfiltered, Organic, BBQ, Gourmet, Olives 21 of 21
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