New products “Karpea Earth Elements” and “Karpea Earth & Sea”

Karpea always next to the values of the Greek Mediterranean diet, enriches once again its range of products.

«Karpea Earth Elements» and «Karpea Earth & Sea», are two extraordinary aromatic olive oil series to be added as new members of Karpea family. A new world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil combined with elements of the earth and treasures of the sea, is created.

Taste the Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil «Karpea Earth Elements» and feel the ultimate taste and aroma to your gastronomic creations.

Experience the taste of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Sea Salt «Karpea Earth & Sea» and travel with your senses in enchanting destinations. Choose among different aromas: with smoked sea salt, with sea salt and smoked pepper, with sea salt and rosemary or with sea salt and chilli.

View all products of the series here.


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