Karpea Miniature Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20ml

    Karpea enriches its product range with selected codes in Miniature pet bottles of 20ml. Single serve of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in disposable packaging.

    Karpea “Classic” Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) comes from the most famous Greek regions for the production of olive oil (Lakonia, Kalamata, Crete). The olives are harvested early when their ripening is not fully completed.

    Due to the early harvest, Karpea “Classic” Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a very characteristic flavor and retains many of the nutrients of the olives that are not completely mature. It is distinguished by its distinct aroma, rich taste and golden-green color.

    It is ideal for all uses.

    Artboard 2-80


    Intense green to golden green

    Artboard 2 copy 4-80


    Medium-intense fruitiness with notes of apple, banana and dried nuts

    Artboard 2 copy 2-80


    Pleasant fruity taste with spicy tones

    Artboard 2 copy 3-80


    Dressing for salads and sauces, frying and baking with mild intensity, fish and seafood, pasta, vegetables

    Packaging and logistics

    Miniatures pet Units / Carton Cartons / Euro Pallet Cartons / Industrial Pallet
    20ml 36 420 504
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