Karpea organic Kalamon olives superlock

From selected organically cultivated olive groves, Karpea Kalamon olives are collected one by one from the land of Lakonia, where Karpea has its roots. We have the privilege our olives to come from producers exclusively from the region, with whom we have years-old close ties and we share common values.

Kalamon olives are one of the most tasteful table olive varieties in the world. The fruit is juicy with firm flesh, small pit and chocolate to black color. Their tasteful features are closely related to the local natural environment: no water (dry), altitude over 350m and mild winds.

Karpea Kalamon Organic olives are produced in an environmentally friendly way, from Organic groves, where neither chemical fertilizers nor pesticides have been used for several years. Our olives are exclusively collected by hand at the right time of ripening and without being engraved, they are slowly and naturally fermented for several months to obtain the truly unique flavor that makes them world-beloved. Upon completion of fermentation, they are packaged in brine in the “smart” and innovative “Superlock” pot that ensures safety, functionality, ease of use and foremost maintains the excellent quality of Karpea Kalamon olives intact.

They are available in 4 types:
Whole, Pitted, Halves and Sliced

Packaging and logistics

Superlock Pack Units / Carton Cartons / Euro Pallet Cartons / Industrial Pallet
Whole 200gr 8 168 180
Pitted 180gr 8 168 180
Halves 180gr 8 168 180
Sliced 180gr 8 168 180
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