Karpea Ladolia

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Ladolia olive variety. Ladolia variety, also known as “Megaritiki”, requires rich soil for its growth but is resistant to cold and drought. Its fruit matures from the end of October until the end of November. Ladolia has a high yield index of excellent quality olive oil with low to zero acidity.

    The single variety Karpea Ladolia Extra Virgin Olive Oil has sweet mild taste and fruit-like aroma.

    Artboard 2-80


    Intense green to golden green

    Artboard 2 copy 4-80


    Medium-intense fruitiness with notes of apple, banana and dried nuts

    Artboard 2 copy 2-80


    Pleasant fruity taste with spicy tones

    Artboard 2 copy 3-80


    Dressing for salads and sauces, frying and baking with mild intensity, fish and seafood, pasta, vegetables

    Packaging and logistics

    Glass Bottle Olis Units / Carton Cartons / Euro Pallet Cartons / Industrial Pallet
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