Karpea Sitia P.D.O. - Lasithi Crete

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sitia Lasithiou, Protected Designation of Origin. It comes from Koroneiki variety of Sitia area in the eastern side of Crete island. The soil, the intense sunshine for most of the year, the Aegean Sea breeze and the dry-heat conditions result in an exceptional olive oil.

    Karpea Sitia Lasithiou Crete P.D.O. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unique for its greenish-yellow color, its relatively thick texture and fruity taste with the aroma of mature olive fruit.

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    Intense green to golden green

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    Green fruitiness with aromas of green apples, freshly cut grass and mild notes of olive leaves

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    It has a moderate bitterness with a spicy aftertaste

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    Dressing for salads and sauces, grilled meats and fish, pasta, vegetables

    Packaging and logistics

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