Karpea Athinolia

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Athinolia olive variety. Athinolia variety, also known as “tsunati”, grows at high altitudes up to 1,000 meters. Its fruit matures slowly and therefore it is harvested from late December to early January. It is of low productivity but it produces excellent quality of oil.

    Karpea Athinolia, a single variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil awarded for its taste, is produced from green and violet olives with a particular aromatic character and it is distinguished by its low acidity, fine texture and fruity taste with peppery tones.

    ITQI Superior Taste Award ** 2012

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    Intense green to golden green

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    Fruity aroma, with characteristics of green leaves and freshly cut grass, with notes of bitter almonds and citrus.

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    Medium-intense fruitiness, with an excellent harmony of bitter and spicy notes

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    Dressing for salads and sauces, cooking, fish and seafood, pasta, vegetables

    Packaging and logistics

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